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Cholesterol Cholesterol isn't entirely the health villain it's made out to be,its name darkly linked to heart attack, stroke, and other typesof cardiovascular disease. Our bodies need cholesterol,which is a type of lipid (another name for fat) to make cellmembranes,...

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Heart Medications

Given the many conditions that affect the heart, it's nosurprise that hundreds of medications have been developedto treat heart disease and related conditions. Medications areavailable to:· lower cholesterol· lower blood pressure· slow the heart rate· stop abnormal...

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Heart Attack

Heart Attack To do its job—pump blood to every part of the body—theheart needs its own supply of oxygen-rich blood. That pipelineis provided by the coronary arteries. No wider than strands ofspaghetti, these arteries deliver blood to hard-working heartmuscle cells. A...

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Coronary Artery Disease

The term "heart disease," also known as cardiovasculardisease, covers a lot of ground. It's used for a variety ofproblems with the circulatory system, from high bloodpressure to abnormal heart rhythms. Most of the time, though,when people speak of heart disease what...

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